Tiger Youth Football

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Welcome to our new website! You will find everything you need to know about our league, teams and what’s new for the upcoming season. We will have news, schedules, registration information and anything else you need to know about Kingston Area Junior Football. I would like to give you a brief history of the league.

On March 6, 1971 the Exchange Club of Kingston was formed whose purpose was to organize and sponsor programs for local youth. Among their first projects was Special Olympics and youth football, guided by members Chill Caruso, Jim Amendola, Vince Van Bramer, Lou Mariotti and Bill Sinsabaugh, to name a few. Kingston High Tiger Head Coach at the time, Tony Badalato, was recruited by this organization for assistance, providing instruction to younger players that would pay dividends to both the players and the Tiger football program.

Unlike many other youth sports, there were no tryouts, so every player could enjoy the benefits of the program. A philosophy that still stands true today. In the league’s inaugural 1971 season, there were 6 teams named after a US launched moon orbiting rocket. There were the Agenas, Apollos, Geminis, Mercurys, Saturns and Titans. Each team consisted of 25 players between the ages of 10 – 13 years old.

In 1977, the league expanded into 8 teams with four teams from Kingston, and one each in Port Ewen, Glasco, Saugerties and Rondout Valley.  However, in 1981, with the increased popularity in soccer and the implementation of Modified football programs, the league was again reduced to 6 teams.

In 1985, the league was reduced to four teams of 35-50 players, divided into junior and senior squads, allowing younger less experienced players the opportunity to play full games with opposing players who were the same size and same age group. This is another philosophy that we still abide by today.

Since 1971, the Kingston Area Junior Football League has withstood many challenges and obstacles, but we remain strong and committed to the youth in our community, teaching them the game of football. We have gone back to our roots of the late 1970′s, 80′s and 90′s and will provide a new format this year, along with different age groups, new rules and all games being played at Dietz Stadium. We will have a new Senior Divivion which will consist of Grades 7 & 8. This Division will work closely with Kingston Tiger Head Coach, Jeremy Collins, and will be a mirror of the Tiger Modified Football program. All rules and weight restrictions will be lifted for this new division. A new Junior Division which will consist of Grades 5 & 6 which will also have rules restrictions lifted, but weight restrictions will still be in place for our Juniors. Juniors who previoulsy played tackle in the KAJFL last year will be grandfathered in for the new Junior Division. A brand new Flag Division for Grades 2,3 & 4 supervised by the City of Kingston Recreation Department will start his year, as there are growing concerns regarding tackle football for younger age groups.  We are staying ahead of the curve and believe that teaching proper technique and fundamentals is a criticl part of learning the game prior to putting on full pads and participating in full contact. Our younger players will get to learn and know the game inside and out before particiapting in full contact football. For every division, we will continue to provide the highest quality instruction and maximum playing time for all of our players and age groups. We not only help our players become better in the game of football, we prepare them to become better people in our community.

If you have not been to a game in a while, or have never attended one of our contests, check the schedule on our website and come see a game for yourself. Its’ football the way its’ supposed to be played. Pure, honest and full of excitement.

Gregg Amato